U-Boot Commands


Restores the original partition table.  

If the partition table has been modified, such as to expand the root filesystem, reflashing the Edison will fail.  Use this command to restore the original partition table and fix reflashing.

gpt write mmc 0 $partitions

Disable Watchdog

Disables the automatic timed reboot for one boot.

If you break /etc/rc.local or otherwise manage to not disable the watchdog timer from linux, use this command to disable it for one boot so you have time to fix things.

mw.l 0xff009000 0x10f8 1

Rescue Mode

Boot the Edison into a rescue-mode console.

Boots to a root console, disabling all but the absolutely essential boot sequence commands.  Note that this includes /etc/rc.local, so you will need to disable the watchdog timer as above first.

setenv bootargs_target rescue